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A AMD announced during his presentation at Computex 2024 your processors 3nm Epyc Turin with 192 cores and 384 threads.

The presentation included benchmarks and comparisons with its competitor, Intel and its processors Xeon.

Scheduled to launch in the second half of 2024, the new fifth-generation Epyc Turin processors are 3nm chips that mark the debut of AMD’s Zen 5 architecture in relation to data centers.

According to AMD’s presentation, its chips are 5.4 times faster than the current generation Xeon when working with artificial intelligence. Check out some of the new features highlighted by the manufacturer in its presentation below:

  • The Epyc Turin will have two variants: one with up to 128 standard Zen 5 cores; the other, Zen 5c, will use CPU cores with optimized density, with up to 192 cores;
  • Lisa Su announced that AMD now holds 33% of the data center market;
  • Zen 5c, in addition to the 192 cores, will feature 384 3nm threads that will be paired with a 6nm I/O Die (IOD) packed into a single socket. Each chip is made up of 17 chiplets;
  • Models with standard Zen 5 cores will have 12 compute dies with the N4P process node and a 6nm IOD core die, for a total of 13 chiplets;
  • In benchmarks presented by AMD, an advantage of up to 5.4 times was shown in an LLM AI model (chatbots) over Xeon, in addition to a 2.5 times advantage in translation models and a 3.9 times advantage in work summary, in relation to Intel’s current Xeon model;
  • In another demo we have Epyc Turin with a 3.1x advantage on NAMD’s scientific workload with its 128-core Turin model and a live demo of Turin delivering 4x more tokens per second than Xeon.
Epyc Turin

The 192-core Zen 5c chips arrive as a subsequent series of EPYC Bergamo – industry’s first x86 data center processor with density-optimized cores (Zen 4c), which contained 128 cores. The model called standard with Zen 5 architecture reaches 128 cores, which also represents a significant leap compared to its predecessor, the Epyc Genoawhich reached up to 96 cores.

With the arrival of these new models on the market, we will have the standard Epyc Zen 5 model competing for space with Intel’s Xeon 6 series. The Zen 5c model will compete with the 144-core Efficiency Sierra Forest chips (also from Intel), making this technology the debut of this technology for data centers.

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