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As rumors pointed out, the NVIDIA architecture that will follow Blackwell and Ada was confirmed with the name “Rubin” – in honor of astronomer Vera Rubin.

According to the company’s CEO, Jensen Huang, it will be launched on the market in 2026 – following a strategy similar to Intel’s “Tick-Tock” for launching new hardware.

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NVIDIA’s roadmap will now feature the arrival of “Blackwell Ultra” GPUs in 2025, the “Rubin” architecture being launched in 2026 and “Rubin Ultra” arriving shortly thereafter, in 2027. According to what they presented, the cadence It will be a new architecture every two years, with an Ultra version interspersed between them.

In addition to Huang pointing out that it is in “development”, it was also revealed that the difference between the Blackwell Ultra and Rubin Ultra architecture is the change in HBM memories from eight stacks to 12. The second will probably use HBM4 memories, despite tests already are being carried out with the HBM3 version.

NVIDIA is currently working with HBM3E memories for professional “Blackwell” GPUs and GDDR7 modules for gaming hardware. While the second one has not yet been announced who will supply it, the first one is in the hands of SK Hynix – as Samsung was unable to go through the qualification process.


Tribute to Vera Rubin by NVIDIA

It is notable that Vera Rubin’s career was one of the greatest in the field of astronomy, receiving a well-deserved honor from NVIDIA for its upcoming GPUs. Her work mapping the galaxy’s rotation helped prove the existence of dark matter.

In addition to Jensen Huang’s company, an observatory in Chile was also built in honor of the astronomer – featuring the largest astronomical camera ever created, which has 3,200 megapixels. It weighs almost 3 tons and has a lens diameter of 152cm.

NSF’s Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory/KPNO/AURA

NVIDIA is expected to bring the Rubin architecture maintaining the standards seen in the latest GPUs and bring the GeForce RTX 6090 graphics card as its flagship product.

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