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Amid various cases, cooling solutions and high-performance monitors, the space occupied by Cooler Master at Computex 2024 also features a compact arcade machine. Known as Retro Screen, the new product brings built-in controls and fully programmable elements.

According to the manufacturer, the new idea is just a prototype at the moment, with no guarantee that it will receive a commercial launch. However, its Full HD (1080p) screen and robust features have caught the attention of those who visit the space occupied by the company.

Cooler Master introduces programmable mini arcade
Photo: Reproduction/Tom’s Hardware

Although the purpose of the Cooler Master Retro Screen is to play games, your hardware makes it possible to do much more than that. In the unit shown during the event, for example, there was a Spotify icon available, as well as an access app for the game Darkness Dungeon and a clock with weather information.

Cooler Master Retro Screen is still a prototype

At the same time, other elements of the interface showed that the new product was still far from bringing more impressive features. An image shared by the Tom’s Hardware website shows that the home screen is full of spaces for applications without further information or dedicated icons.

Although it does not provide details about the hardware or type of display it was using, Cooler Master stated that Retro Screen is based on a proprietary operating system. The company explains that, if the mini-arcade is launched, it will offer ways for programmers to write their own applications and even games.

Despite the format, the product should not arrive with emulators, being compatible only with licensed games or those created by its community. According to Tom’s Hardware, the device features a robust construction and responsive controls, and its Bluetooth connectivity has the potential to transform it into a very interesting gaming machine.

Fonte: Tom’s Hardware

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