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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang confirmed rumors that Samsung’s HBM3E memories are not ready to receive official certification to work with artificial intelligence – the last step needed to become suppliers of the hardware that will help train the platforms of the American company’s AI.

During Computex 2024, Huang states that this was not a failure in the qualification process, but that the products presented by Samsung are not yet ready to be used in their current format.

We had to do the engineering. It’s just not finished

Jensen Huang


Rumors suggested that Samsung’s HBM3E memories had not passed NVIDIA’s qualification test, presenting problems with excessive heat and higher-than-expected power consumption. Jensen Huang did not confirm these problems, but was very categorical in stating that the product is not ready for use.

With this in mind, it is notable that SK Hynix overtakes its rival and becomes the primary supplier of HBM3 and HBM3E memories for NVIDIA. These chips will be of great importance in the fast and efficient training process with your AI models, including ChatGPT and others that are being used.

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NVIDIA studies the use of HBM3E memories

In addition to SK Hynix, NVIDIA is studying HBM3E chips produced by Samsung and Micron – although the latter two have not passed their qualification tests.

To meet demand, SK Hynix even plans to build a new factory and will invest $14.6 billion to make the plan a reality. It is important to mention that all of their production for 2024 and part of 2025 is already committed, which will lead to a major boost in this industry.

Disclosure/SK Hynix

Samsung initially denied rumors about problems with HBM3E memories and stated that progress on the modules was proceeding as planned. They skirt around the point that NVIDIA is involved, revealing only that their HBM products “work well across a range of processors.”

They recently started production of eight-layer HBM3E memory and, according to their roadmap, should soon begin mass production of 12-layer modules. Whether or not the finished product will meet the requirements of Jensen Huang’s company remains to be seen in the future.

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