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One of the most recognized brands in the PC cooling components market, Noctua differentiates itself from its competitors by not investing in liquid cooling systems. However, the company took advantage of Computex 2024 to show that is willing to enter this spacebut in a very different way from other companies in the sector.

During the event, the company displayed the prototype of a new AIO system based on liquids, but which eliminates an essential part: the pump. According to the manufacturer, Your solution uses a thermosiphon as an alternativeresponsible for ensuring that heat exchanges are working correctly.

Noctua works on liquid cooling prototype without a pump
Photo: Reproduction/PC Gamer/Future

According to Noctua, its system works based on the natural convention currents of fluids, in which hot parts tend to rise as they become less dense. The company’s new liquid cooler uses two thermosiphons, ensuring that the liquid used is in a constant process of evaporation and condensation.

In an interview with PC Gamer, a company representative explained that its system sends liquids to a CPU, which are evaporated by the temperature of the component. The vapor then rises to the condenser, where it is cooled, turns back into liquid and flows again to continue its purpose.

Noctua knows that the system works in a similar way to a heatpipe, having teamed up with the airline company Calyos to create a truly efficient project. According to the company, its objective is to develop a solution that has a cooling efficiency similar to that of the best AIO systems available on the market.

The downside of the product created by Noctua at the moment is the fact that its 240mm or 360mm radiator can only be installed on the top of a case, as it depends on gravity to function. So far, the company has given no indication of when it might launch a commercial version of the concept, but claims that its tests have brought very encouraging results.

Fonte: PC Gamer

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