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The race towards greater performance in artificial intelligence in notebooks remains fierce. Intel’s fourth generation NPU promises a maximum peak of 48 TOPsbut the entire Lunar Lake platform, with the CPU and iGPU cores, reaches 120 TOPs.

Compared to rivals AMD Ryzen AI 300, Qualcomm Snapdragon company, as the series has not yet been released.

Intel Lunar Lake TPU

But unlike its rivals, Intel also revealed the full power of a Lunar Lake processor. Combined with 5 TOPs of the new Skymont and Lion Cove cores, in addition to the Xe2 Battlemage iGPU, which is responsible for most of the AI ​​performance, a Core Ultra 200 SKU can deliver 120 TOPs.

This number changes depending on the SKU, but Intel guarantees that this performance refers to a high-end CPU. Remembering that the company has not yet released the lineup in detail.

Intel Lunar Lake TPU

Intel NPU has made great progress in six years

Intel introduced the first generation of its NPU in 2018. The technology arrived delivering timid performance compared to what we have today: 0.5 TOPs. It rose to 7 TOPs in 2021 with the second generation, 11.5 TOPs with the third generation and now 48 TOPs with Lunar Lake processors.

This huge increase in performance is due to more processing engines, higher frequency and improvements in the architecture itself. In relation to the first, Intel tripled the number of cores. Furthermore, bandwidth has doubled compared to the previous generation.

Although its fourth generation of NPU consumes a little more energy in Stable Diffusion v1.5 (2.2w more than Meteor Lake), for example, the technology delivers almost four times more performance than the previous generation.

Intel Lunar Lake TPU

According to Intel, NPU adoption for AI applications this year is around 25%. By 2025, this number could rise to 30%. This 5% increase would be an extraction of the CPU portion, which should decrease from 35 to 30% between this year and next year.

All this evolution with the fourth generation of NPU present in Intel Lunar Lake processors will be available in the first notebooks from the third quarter.

Source: Intel

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