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Raspberry Pi 5 devices gained a boost in the “Age of AI”, with the launch of an extension kit for the use of artificial intelligence. It will cost $70 and comes with a neural network inference accelerator, which can be used locally.

The manufacturer makes use of its HAT+ extension card to add this advantage, a space that can be attached to the top of the mini PC and bring new functions to the hardware.

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In partnership with Hailo, an AI startup, they want the Raspberry Pi 5 to challenge the space conquered by NVIDIA. This manufacturer’s specialty is producing chips that are used for artificial intelligence workloads in cutting-edge devices – such as cars, smart cameras, robotics and now the small computer.

The acceleration module used in the extension kit is the Hailo-8L, an input module made for the M.2 format – indicating that it can be easily fitted to the HAT+.

Even daring to challenge NVIDIA, with the Hailo-8L the Raspberry Pi 5 gains an inference performance of 13 TOPS – not even close to the most current CPUs from AMD, Intel and Qualcomm. However, they have the advantage of cost-benefit and of working together with the device’s 27W power supply.


Changes to Raspberry Pi 5

The Raspberry Pi 5 recently had an update to its operating system, ensuring that the Hailo module was automatically identified and neural processing became available for applications to make use of this advantage.

Even the camera has been updated, supporting various functions such as object detection, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, pose estimation and facial tagging. For those who use these resources in their daily lives, it is already a great support at a software level.

Although the manufacturer Hailo has demonstrated the use of AIs with the Raspberry Pi 5 camera, it is expected that they will have a use that goes further and brings even more advantages to users. It was not revealed when the extension kit will be available to everyone, but it should occur in 2024.

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