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Intel released new information about the Intel Core Ultra 200 “Arrow Lake-S” CPUs during Computex 2024, but did not reveal an expected date for the arrival of the processors. However, a slip of information from Biostar may have revealed the initial forecast for its launch: October 2024.

When showing more of its Z890 motherboards, the manufacturer also announced that the products will hit the market alongside the Arrow Lake-S CPUs in October. Among the event runners in Taiwan, it is also said that the corporation will hold an “Innovation” presentation in September – disclosing all the news and launch dates.

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Although Intel itself has already scheduled Innovation 2024 for the 24th and 25th of September, it has not been confirmed that they will bring more information about the “K” chips from the Core Ultra 200 line. While there is no official announcement on the subject, statements should be treated as rumors.

This is due to the fact that plans change, leaks change the agenda of major manufacturers and constant updates to roadmaps dictate the pace of the market. Intel’s plan may be to present them and inform the launch date in September at the Innovation event, but until then a lot can happen and be modified.

At Computex 2024, the focus was on Lunar Lake CPUs – produced for the mobile market, in addition to seeing Z890 motherboards from companies such as Gigabyte, Biostar, MaxSun and several of the company’s commercial partners. It is worth noting that Intel did not comment on the mainboards, which should also happen in the next presentation.

Dispute between Intel and AMD

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger did not release much information about Arrow Lake-S and only brought news about its mobile processors. The release of Lunar Lake chip specifications and the expected launch of Panther Lake (2025) were the company’s main highlights at Computex 2024.

However, AMD wasted no time and presented its Granite Ridge CPUs, the Ryzen 9000. Considering that they have already had more information revealed and that processors with Zen5 architecture will start to hit the market in July, they are clearly taking the lead in the race market and already has its cutting-edge products presented.

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