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NVIDIA could very soon overtake Apple and become the second most valuable company in the world. In recent months, the hardware giant has surpassed Alphabet (Google) and Amazon and is comfortably in third place in the ranking with a value of US$2.82 trillion at the time of publishing this news.

For now, Apple has a value of US$2.917 trillion, while Microsoft is in first place with a value of US$3.189 trillion. During the last quarter, NVIDIA once again achieved record revenue numbers with $26 billion and moved closer to Apple.

According to CEO, Jensen Huang, investments in AI solutions for servers are the main factor driving the company’s growth. Recently, he highlighted that the server segment earns 10x more than gaming.

NVIDIA could surpass Apple and come close to Microsoft

During the fiscal year, there is a real possibility that NVIDIA will overtake Apple. Who knows, perhaps the leather jacket CEO’s hardware company will surpass its market value of US$3 trillion. Everything goes depending on its performance in the AI-focused GPU segment for data centers.

As mentioned previously, NVIDIA’s focus is on artificial intelligence. If it wants to surpass Apple – and perhaps even Microsoft – the company will need to show good results throughout the year.

NVIDIA could surpass Apple

The company’s plans include a partnership with MediaTek and the presentation of an AI processor for PCs at Computex. As we can see, NVIDIA should maintain good performance for the rest of the fiscal year and could soon beat Apple.

Likewise, the company also plans to build a new facility in Taiwan, in addition to cutting the price of H20 GPUs in China with the intention of maintaining competitiveness in the sector. China appears to be the main obstacle, as the Asian country avoids purchasing NVIDIA Data Center GPUs, following United States sanctions.

We emphasize that the stock market presents high volatility. Therefore, if Apple makes a mistake and NVIDIA continues to grow, Jensen Huang’s company could become the second most valuable company in the world at any time.

Source: Gizmodo

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