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The forecast is that graphics card prices will increase in the United States starting next month. The increase is due to the reimplementation of tariffs on imports of Chinese electronics, bringing immediate consequences to the final value of hardware in the country.

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The North American administration had temporarily suspended a 25% tariff on some electronics in 2022. However, this suspension will only last until next month and will expire on June 14th.

The initial tariffs were established during the Trump administration. Following a statutory review in 2022, some categories were temporarily excluded. Recently, the US Trade Representative announced that the tariffs will be reimposed.

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According to him, this would be valid and would cover components such as “printed circuit assemblies for rendering images on computer screens”, which includes video cards.

Taxation will affect other products

In addition to graphics cards, other affected components include high-end laptop touchpads, unfinished logic boards (such as motherboards with no hardware installed), power supplies, and PC cases.

Other products from different categories will also be impacted, going far beyond computers and technological items. These include LCD controller assemblies, water and air filters, small electric motors, medical equipment, rear-view mirrors, bicycle helmets and crab meat.

The reimplementation of these tariffs is part of an international trade strategy, but consumers will feel the direct impact in the increase in prices of products imported from China.

American companies affected by the tariffs can request exemptions, but most of these requests can be rejected, mainly because the companies do not present plans to replace Chinese components with alternatives from other sources.

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