AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistants are becoming increasingly powerful, and present in different segments, especially in games. Therefore, Nvidia revealed its newest technology in this field, G-Assist, which promises not only to optimize the computer so that the game runs as well as possible, but also to provide gameplay tips.

This G-Assist technology initially came about as an April Fools’ joke in 2017, when Nvidia joked about an AI assistant that would play games for you while you picked up pizza delivery. Now, it emerges as a real-life demo of a powerful AI assistant designed to enhance the experience of PC gamers.

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What is G-Assist and how does it work?

G-Assist is a technology demo that offers a glimpse into how an AI assistant can guide gamers through PC games and even optimize system settings.

Powered by Nvidia’s GeForce technology, G-Assist not only responds to queries in real time, but also adjusts PC settings to ensure the best possible performance. Although it’s still in the demonstration phase, G-Assist’s potential to transform the way we interact with our games appears to be quite vast.

In a demo, G-Assist was shown within the game ARK: Survival Ascended, answering questions like “what is the next weapon at the start of the game and where do I find the materials to craft it?” The wizard not only identifies the best weapon (a spear, in this case), but also describes how to collect wood, flint, and fiber to craft it. G-Assist understands what’s happening on the screen and adapts its responses based on the player’s progress and available resources, offering personalized help.

In addition to in-game assistance, G-Assist also optimizes and adjusts PC settings. It can analyze the user’s system and recommend improvements, such as increasing the refresh rate of a 4K monitor from 60Hz to 144Hz. It can directly apply the highest quality graphics settings in games like Cyberpunk 2077 and provide latency and frames per second graphs for the last 60 seconds.

With G-Assist, gamers can ask for recommendations to increase game performance, reach a 60fps target, or even overclock the GPU.

Technology may leave the demonstration phase

Nvidia is actively recruiting developers interested in exploring G-Assist, which indicates that this project may soon evolve from a demo to an actual tool available to RTX GPU owners.

Both Nvidia and Microsoft are demonstrating AI assistants that can guide players through games, suggesting this technology will become a reality in the near future.

Nvidia’s G-Assist represents a significant step in integrating artificial intelligence into the gaming experience. Originally a joke, it now presents itself as a powerful tool that can not only improve gameplay but also optimize system performance efficiently. Although it is still in the demonstration phase, G-Assist’s potential is clear, and it promises to make the gaming experience more fluid and personalized for PC gamers.

Fonte: The Verge


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