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NVIDIA’s release structure is about to change, with new generations of GPUs hitting the market no longer on the two-year calendar. According to Jensen Huang, CEO of the manufacturer, the next architectures will arrive annually.

The information also confirms the rumors that were being circulated in recent weeks, which revealed that the “Rubin” architecture would be launched in 2025. Furthermore, it also points out that “Blackwell” GPUs could actually arrive by the end of this year – that is , your wallet better be prepared.

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Jensen Huang’s statement is simple and straightforward, showing that NVIDIA has changed its dynamics and should no longer wait for a two-year period.

After Blackwell, we will have another chip. We’re on a yearly pace

Jensen Huang

OpenAI Microsoft NVIDIA

Furthermore, the CEO of NVIDIA also revealed that a series of launches are currently being produced in its factories – promising to take over the entire market, from gaming to artificial intelligence without leaving any gaps for competition.

New processors, new GPUs, new networking NICs, new switches…a mountain of chips is coming

Jensen Huang


No more waiting

NVIDIA’s proposal is simple, follow market dynamics and bring solutions more quickly to your requirements. Even though the GeForce RTX 4090 has not been surpassed since its launch, the corporation knows that the industry should not take long to make leaps and that these will require greater performance.

And it’s not just in gaming, by the way. The same is true for workstations, artificial intelligence machine learning, servers (physical and cloud) and several other fronts. And it is with this aspect in mind that they may have accelerated development.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090

Until now, NVIDIA had worked on a new GPU architecture every two years. Ampere, for example, was launched in 2020. Two years later, in 2022, the Hopper architecture arrived. Everything indicates that Blackwell will arrive in 2024 and – then – Rubin will shorten the path and will be introduced to the market in 2025.

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