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Acemagic, known for producing “space” mini-PCs, will present a different notebook at Computex 2024. The X1 Dual-Screen Laptop is a model with two screens, but features an unusual horizontal format design – that is, the additional screen will be on the left side of the main one.

No details were released about its specifications, size and type of display, as well as basic information such as availability and the suggested price at which it will hit the market.

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Acemagic’s campaign for the X1 Dual-Screen Laptop is based on the phrase “It is the world’s first dual-screen notebook with horizontal opening”. A promotional image for Computex 2024 shows him physically – revealing only what he looks like and without giving away more concrete information related to the model.

Based on the image shared by the manufacturer, everything indicates that the second screen will be folded behind the device and should serve as an option – when users need an extra area to work or perform their tasks. One could be used for gaming, for example, while the other would be used for chatting with your friends.

According to Acemagic, all details related to the X1 Dual-Screen Laptop will be released within Computex 2024, on June 4, 2024. In addition to the notebook, it is also noted in the image that they will highlight the M2A Starship mini-PC during the event.

Acemagic M2A Starship

It is important to note that, if we analyze all of Acemagic’s work with notebooks, none of its devices have high-end specifications. In other words, keep your expectations low so as not to be disappointed with the X1 Dual-Screen Laptop.

Most of the models it has worked with in the past are made up of Intel N95 or AMD Ryzen 7 5700U CPUs – showing that the manufacturer’s focus is on mid-range specifications.

In any case, more details about Acemagic’s new notebook will be released in the coming weeks – at least we won’t have to wait so long for more information about the production of this peculiar design.

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