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Although we are still adapting to the DDR5 DRAM standard, DDR6 memories may have already entered production and would hit the market early next year. A slide published by leaker “@DarkMontTech” shows a manufacturer’s plans to bring new models in 2025.

It is worth noting that the origin of the shared image is unknown, so it is important to treat it as a rumor until the official announcement and release of each company’s specifications. In this case, plans show that initial production will bring 8.8 GT/s and could reach up to 17.6 GT/s. However, they aim to reach their full potential at 21 GT/s.

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The slide also reveals that the preferred signaling pattern for DDR6 memories is the NRZ model, but it was not yet decided whether they would continue with it or with PAM. In addition, the focus of the development group that has been working on the new DRAM since the second quarter of 2023 is also shown.

The slide reveals that the main discussions revolve around registration mode parameters, update mechanisms, pinout configurations, command module and several other functions that may or may not be present in the next generation.

Also mentioned for DDR6 memories is the focus on repair mechanisms through the PDA – improving the durability and useful life of the modules. Each of the areas described are essential to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the new standard, so more details would be needed to better discuss how they will be presented.


Early for DDR6 memories

Considering that there is still several hardware compatible with the DDR4 standard and greater attention to DDR5 only emerging from the end of 2023 to the present day, the production of DDR6 memories at this moment still seems “too early” and perhaps its initial adoption will not meet the expectations industry expectations.

The leaked slide points out that the first models should be ready in 2024, but version 1.0 with full specifications is projected to arrive only in the second quarter of 2025.


It’s important to note that, even with DDR6 memories on the market, it still takes time for a transition. Assuming that the DDR5 standard arrived in 2020 and the transition to its use began only in 2021, it is possible that we will see something more concrete about it only in the following year – probably in 2026.

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