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NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs, such as the B100 and B200 models aimed at artificial intelligence, are on the way and data centers are already preparing to adapt them into their structure. By purchasing a massive quantity of water coolers for this purpose, they will have an increasing effect on the price of the cooling solution.

Professional video cards will require high consumption, which can reach up to 1200W each, forcing companies to purchase unconventional solutions and this is where water coolers fit in. The manufacturer’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has already revealed that this is one of the best options on the market for working with GPUs.

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The Taiwan Economic Daily points out that the anticipation for NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs is causing sales to be astronomical, while suppliers continue to increase the value of the water cooler to capitalize on profits sooner – after all, better now that it is selling than later, risking facing reduction in sales.

The president of the Taiwan Heat Management Association says that the components involved in water cooler production are already scarce on the market – crediting the hype to artificial intelligence and some customers and individuals who are taking advantage of the situation by creating an artificial inventory reduction for themselves.

Demand is becoming so high that companies like LiquidStack – specializing in water coolers – are building new factories, ready to meet the needs of servers and data centers that will use NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs and others to work with artificial intelligence.

Credits: Microsoft

The importance of the water cooler for NVIDIA

When NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang points out that the water cooler model will be the best option for its Blackwell GPUs – which will require net heat dissipation – there is no other result than the massive purchase of the models by certain commercial partners , to prepare in their data centers.

However, as there is a limited supply of components in the market, a bottleneck is created and will result in prices rising astronomically.

Credits: Microsoft

The approaching launch of NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs will also bring a significant increase in the value of the next large data centers – not only due to their upgrades, but also due to the adoption of the water cooler, which will be more expensive. If the supply chain doesn’t act quickly, we could even see a reservation system.


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