The case of a user who noticed a problem with a plastic part of his car’s power connector gained enormous attention on Reddit. ASUS GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Strix White OC.

The Canadian then contacted the ASUS Return Service, seeking to receive another VGA unit, in perfect condition, but the response was completely different: he would have to pay 3,758 Canadian dollars for the repair to be carried out. Higher value than the price of a new card, as the consumer paid 2,799 dollars for this edition of RTX 4090.

A struggle to solve the problem

As in several other situations, the consumer, identified as Mulgoki, faced numerous difficulties until he received a conclusive and favorable response to his case. After refusing to pay the huge amount to repair the card, he tried to refund the full value of the defective card, an option denied by ASUS.

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The company also made a point of highlighting that that type of repair was not covered by the warranty, and that the damage affects the functionality of the unit. This was the answer given by Amelia M, from ASUS customer service.

Customer service even tried to convince the consumer to buy a new graphics card by offering a 30% discount coupon.

Time to talk to the CEO

Mulgoki made the decision to elevate his complaint in the ASUS hierarchy. He contacted the ASUS office. This time, his request went quickly.

The consumer said the CEO’s office called the next morning, and another supervisor began handling the case. As ASUS did not have another model of this card in stock, the company promised to return the amount paid by Mulgoki ($2,799) within 1 to 2 weeks.

O post de Mulgoki no Reddit generated an avalanche of criticism of ASUS, including similar reports of the way the company handles its customer service sector. In the case above, the user claims that ASUS tried to charge US$415 to repair the AX1100 router, which costs US$325 on Amazon.


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