After many rumors and speculations that circulated on the internet and social media about the possibility of the Game Pass include the game Call of Duty, an official voice has finally spoken out on the matter. Sarah Bondwhich occupies the leading position of Xbox, brought exciting news for fans of the Xbox gaming platform Microsoft.

She confirmed in all letters that all games manufactured by the company, no exceptionincluding those under the Activision label, will be part of the service’s collection at the exact moment they are launched.

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However, even in the face of such news that will certainly please the majority of players, Sarah Bond chose to maintain an enigmatic silence regarding the buzz that points to a possible increase in the price of Game Pass.

New subscription level

This silence has further fueled conversations and assumptions among the gaming community. The information that has been gaining ground and seems increasingly plausible suggests that not only will we have this adjustment in the monthly fee, but also that Microsoft may be planning to introduce a new subscription modality for Game Pass.

Delving even deeper into this issue, in an episode of the Xbox Two podcast, Jez Corden do Windows Central e Rand al Thor 19 entered into the discussion about these rumors. They referred to an article by Tom Warren that had previously addressed the prospect of this price increase.

Based on this information, Thor expressed his belief that changes are imminent, although questions remained about the specific details, such as how this new subscription figure would be structured or what additional services it could include. It is worth mentioning that, nowadays, Game Pass has three distinct levels:

  • Core: emerged as a replacement for Xbox Live Gold;
  • Standard: aimed at consoles and PC;
  • Ultimate: which brings with it the added benefit of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Games Showcase May Confirm Rumors

If Microsoft is planning to announce these changes, it is very likely that they will choose the stage for the event Xbox Games Showcaseexpected to occur in June 9as the ideal context for such a revelation.

There is a rumor that suggests that at this event we may be treated to the presentation of highly anticipated titles such as Gears 6, Perfect Dark and the next foray in the Call of Duty series titled Black Ops Gulf Wargames that would undoubtedly arouse great interest and anticipation on the part of players.

To add an extra layer of complexity to this narrative, it recently came to light that Microsoft — in its internal calculations and market strategies — meticulously considered before deciding to incorporate Call of Duty into the Game Pass portfolio. The concern was that such a move could drastically interfere with Activision Blizzard’s main revenue stream.

The Call of Duty series is recognized for being one of the most profitable, consistently appearing among the best-selling games year after year. Including it in Game Pass could potentially dissuade people from purchasing the game directly, resulting in a considerable hit to traditional sales. We just have to wait and see.

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