A couple found a hidden camera inside the socket of a room at the Motel Canada, located in Senador Canedo, metropolitan region of Goiânia, Goiás. The complaint was made last Thursday (09). After forensics analyzed the location, it was found that another suite also had a camera installed. A similar case happened in January, at a resort on Muro Alto beach, Porto de Galinhas, in the municipality of Ipojuca, Greater Recife.

In a report to the police, the couple said they found the recording device after noticing something different in one of the shots. The camera lens is positioned in the center pin area of ​​the socket. According to G1the motel devices are being analyzed in the forensic laboratory.

In a statement, Motel Canada says it “expresses surprise and deep consternation at this discovery.” The company also reinforced that it is collaborating with the authorities and reaffirmed its “irrevocable commitment to protecting the privacy and security of its guests”.

Delegate Karla Fernandes explained that, for now, it is not yet possible to identify the suspect through the installation of cameras. Employees interviewed by the police claimed to be unaware of the presence of the cameras.

Cameras are prohibited on Airbnb

This panorama of the installation of monitoring cameras in places that go unnoticed by guests, completely violating privacy, is a cause for warning not only in motels and inns, but also in properties that are available for rent via Airbnb. In April, the company confirmed the ban on security cameras inside accommodations registered on the platform.

The new guideline has been in effect since April 30th. Airbnb now only allows cameras outdoors and in common areas. If a violation is reported, the platform partner may be banned.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/casal-encontra-camera-escondida-dentro-de-tomada-em-quarto-de-motel.html

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