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With United States sanctions, GPUs focused on artificial intelligence such as the NVIDIA H100 are being banned from being sold within Chinese territory – which does not prevent some from entering the product unofficially and selling them to the market internal to the country.

With the announcement and imminent arrival of the H200 version, these parallel sales are being forced to empty their stocks – preparing to take the recent launch to China when the time comes. And, to this end, they are reducing the price of current ones by up to 10% within the territory.

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According to the Taiwan Economic Daily, NVIDIA H100 GPUs are sold for prices well above the market and, even with this reduction, they can be found for around 2.6 million yuan in Hong Kong, which is around $359 thousand dollars in direct conversion.

Considering that China is also investing in newer technologies, via subsidies and injecting money into large corporations, seeing good progress in chip production, it is noted that United States sanctions are not working out as Joe Biden’s government had hoped. .

Not only does technology find a way to reach the country – such as NVIDIA H100 GPUs on the parallel market, but its own semiconductor industry is growing to the point where it is producing its own artificial intelligence chips. In other words, progress is not being slowed down.


Replacement of NVIDIA H100 GPUs in China

This reduction in the price of NVIDIA H100 GPUs in the Chinese parallel market, as we mentioned above, has the main objective of depleting stocks for the arrival of the next hardware with Hopper architecture – the H200 graphics card for AIs.

Even if in an unauthorized way and in smaller quantities, it is possible that they will be one of the main options for data centers and servers that want to work directly with the technology from Jensen Huang’s corporation. Even if the H200 GPU does not become as popular as its predecessor, it is expected to sell well as well.

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The adoption of NVIDIA H100 GPUs only shows that the illegal sales market remains extremely strong in China – bringing large new generation chips to several companies, even with restrictions.


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