Aiming to combat cyber threats more rigorously, the Microsot decided to require its employees in China to exclusively use iPhones to authenticate and access the company’s systems, via Microsoft Authenticator and the Identify Pass app, exclusive to iPhone.

This action is part of Microsoft’s Secure Future Initiative, announced in 2023. This company program aims to strengthen cybersecurity measures. According to Bloombergwhich obtained access to an internal memo from Microsoft employees in China, employees will be given an iPhone 15 to use while at work. This directive will go into effect from September.

The measure is also related to the geopolitical tension between the United States and China, where the issue of information security is increasingly important. With this new guideline, Microsoft, a company of North American origin, eliminates the use of Chinese devices, such as those from Huawei, in its workplace, in the country ruled by Xi Jinping.

It is worth remembering that Chinese companies like Huawei have been subject to numerous sanctions from the US government for some years now. Among the most recent actions is the ban on the sale of chips supplied by US companies to the Chinese company.


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