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Zotac appears to have made an amateurish mistake and exposed confidential customer information contained in RMA documents. The information comes from the well-known channel GamerNexus, which posted an entire video explaining the situation.

Apparently, the manufacturer uploaded its customers’ RMA documents to Google’s open servers, making them publicly accessible to anyone who performed a simple search using terms like “Zotac RMA,” for example.

Screenshots of Zotac information that should be confidential.
Font: GamerNexus

The images above were captured by GamerNexus without showing customer details, of course. The risk of this type of leak is that it facilitates identity theft by fraudsters who are always searching the internet for personal information about potential victims.

WCCFTech reports that these documents can no longer be found via Google now that Zotac has been notified of the issue.

The issue was reportedly first discovered by a Zotac customer who also follows GamerNexus. The person says he has a habit of searching for his own name on Google, and was surprised to find his RMA documents with the manufacturer in the results. He then realized that other people’s information was also available and decided to report the issue to the famous hardware channel.

Zotac’s response

Eventually, the video concludes with Zotac’s response to the situation. Steve Burke, the host, praises the manufacturer’s speed in resolving the issue, but criticizes the time it took to act. According to him, the brand first fixed the issue only for the customer who found it first, without bothering to do an assessment to see if it affected more people.

While the video was being produced for GamerNexus, its staff contacted the manufacturer and its partners, and it was through pressure from resellers that the security flaw was promptly fixed. Zotac will no longer accept file uploads directly through the site while it creates a new secure button, and will ask its users for documents via a new dedicated email address.

This has definitely not been a good week for Zotac. The company has this “blunder” revealed just days after getting scolded by the FTC, along with other companies, about the warranty of its products. Read more here.

Via: WCCFTech

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