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A Tectoy is back definitively – and forcefully – in gaming with its new gamer line, which is led by its new portable PC, the Zeenix.

Through an approach plan that aims to serve all of Latin America, Tectoy spoke with the Adrenaline about the current phase of the Brazilian gaming brand and its next steps.

Zeenix is ​​TecToy’s triumphant return to gaming

If you’ve been following the releases of new hardware here at Adrenaline, you’ve probably noticed the strength that “hybrid PCs” have gained in recent years. With the option of playing games and also using these platforms for other applications, devices like the Steam Deck and the ASUS Ally have become a “more viable” option for those who don’t want to build a PC. And TecToy has paid attention to this segment and is about to launch the Zeenix, its own hybrid device.

With two versions planned, Lite and Pro, Zeenix will be the first national product, with all the necessary certifications from Anatel, both software and hardware, to be sold here in Brazil.

TecToy emphasizes that the Zeenix is ​​a portable gaming PC and not just a console, like the Nintendo Switch, for example. The Lite is an entry-level version that features an Athlon 3050e processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It is equipped with a USB Type-C port, a 6-inch screen with 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. It also offers Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and already comes with Windows 11 Home.

The Pro version of the Zeenix comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor, NVME SSD with 512 GB of storage capacity, 16 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 connection, USB 4.0 port and a 6-inch 1080p resolution screen with a 60Hz refresh rate, in addition to Windows 11.

We are emphasizing that it is actually a PC, we do not call it a console. It comes with Windows, in both configurations, and was designed for people to do what they want, when they want, with whoever they want. In addition to the gaming experience, it is a complete experience. For people to have a hub, a dock to be used as a desktop. We hope that it will be the first computer for many people, for studying, working and playing, whether they are adults or children..”

Eddy Antonini, Head de Gaming Products na Zeenix

According to Eddy Antonini, Head of Gaming Products, Zeenix will be compatible with most peripherals that are also compatible with Windows. And by using Microsoft’s operating system, users will also be able to access most digital stores (Epic Games Store, Steam GOG, Ubisoft Connect) without any problems.

New products from the TecToy Gamer line

Tectoy has always been present in the Brazilian gaming market, but in recent years its strength has not been as great as in the past. For a long time, TecToy was synonymous with SEGA here in the country, with Sonic and Mega Drive appearing in several retailers throughout the country, and gamers having their first access to a console – often paid in installments in 10 or more installments.

But in 2024, Tectoy decided to invest heavily and return to the market with full force. In addition to the Zeenix portable PCs, the company also introduced other products for its gaming line. In the accessories line, Tectoy presents two keyboards, a mouse and a joystick:

  • ZN175 PRO model with 81 keys, Sky V3 switch, detachable cable, black gamer design and LED backlighting. The peripheral weighs around 850g.
  • The ZN165 PRO keyboard is more compact and lightweight, weighing 650g. It comes with 71 Dream Switch keys, a magnetic table stand and a white design. In addition, it has a detachable cable and LED backlighting.
  • The ZNM130 LITE mouse is a gaming mouse compatible with the brand’s laptops. It weighs just 75g, has six buttons and is equipped with a 10,000 DPI sensor.
  • The Zeenix Pro Controller is a modular wireless joystick with anti-drift analog buttons and 2.4 GHz connectivity that can be connected via USB or Bluetooth. The device is compatible with Zeenix PCs, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iOS devices.

The new products in TecToy’s gamer line are white label – a business model where products are produced by third parties, free of copyright and can be rebranded with logos from other brands – however, they have modifications made by the company. Other Brazilian brands, such as Force Onehas a similar development process, establishing a production partnership with a Chinese company, which already has a product concept and making some modifications, either to meet the requirements of Brazilian regulations or to adapt to the demands of its audience – both options cover TecToy products.

Zeenix is ​​a product developed in partnership with another company, but it is a Brazilian product, with adjustments for the Brazilian public, with Anatel certification and a Brazilian plug pin, and the Brazilian edition comes with its own trackpad keyboard to make it easier to use for those who are not used to using the touchpad.”, said Antonini.

With two factories ready to support its products, one in the Manaus Free Trade Zone (AM) and another in Cotia (SP), Antonini guarantees that all customer service, replacement of parts and devices, if necessary, will be carried out by its network here in Brazil, which has built a closer relationship with its community in relation to new products in the gamer line.

TecToy booth at gamescom latam – photo by Eddy Venino

Antonini also revealed that in the future Zeenix products will be produced in their factories:

The next edition will be produced in Manaus, at the Tectoy factory, with the entire structure being adapted to meet the new product line. It will be an exclusive repair factory for the Zeenix. And there is already a support team for cases of problems with your Zeenix, on our website.

TecToy Games

Despite having Windows 11, Zeenix will also have its own interface, the application Zeenix Hub. The idea of ​​the app is to make it easier to use the device and access the games in your library, integrating with Windows, but giving more personality to TecToy’s product.

In addition to all these new products, to complete TecToy’s return to gaming, the company will now also act as a publisher. In addition to having several games – Brazilian and international – at its booth during gamescom latam, the company also presented two titles that have its support: Damned 2 e Master Lemon.

Although TecToy does not yet act as a developer, or even a direct publisher, the company will provide marketing support for these two national games, using them as a showcase for players to see national games on the platform and the company’s support for the local development market.

Price and availability

No, my friends, the prices of any of the devices revealed by TecToy have not yet been revealed. Antonini stated that in the coming weeks we will have the opening of the Zeenix pre-sale, and then the prices of the models and accessories will be revealed. The pre-sale will be carried out through the official Zeenix website, but Antonini said that the products will also arrive at partner retailers.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the gaming line and be one of the first to pre-order the device, you can register on the Zeenix website. In addition, you can expect exclusive content and tests, just like with the Steam Deck and ASUS Ally, as soon as TecToy sends us a Zeenix for review.


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