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Micron has announced that it will begin mass production of DRAM memories via EUV lithography starting in 2025, with the 1γ (1-gamma) process entering the “pilot stage” in recent months.

Despite not being in as much of a rush to adopt the technology as its rivals, the manufacturer is aware of its advantages and feels ready to make this change soon. At least that’s what the company’s chief executive director, Sanjay Mehrotra, says.

Pilot production of 1γ DRAM using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is progressing well and we are on track for mass production by calendar year 2025

Sanjay Mehrotra


The process of manufacturing EUV memories using the 1γ process is taking place at Micron’s factory in Hiroshima, Japan. The first memory devices using the technology will also be manufactured there, as part of the pilot program.

The manufacturer’s intention is to produce the smallest DRAM cell with the 1γ process, with hopes that the use of EUV will be able to achieve the expected results. This would be a great competitive advantage for its future memory chips – making them cheaper to commercially and with greater energy efficiency.

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Micron wants a technological leap

To achieve these results, Micron is using ASML’s Twinscan NXE lithography machine. They are testing their tools to replace the DUV flux from their 1α and 1ß processes for EUV – gradually improving it to achieve the desired throughput.

We continue to mature our production capacity with EUV lithography and achieve equivalent yield and quality in our 1α and 1ß between EUV and non-EUV flux. We have begun pilot production of DRAM in 1γ using EUV and are on track for mass production in calendar year 2025

Sanjay Mehrotra


In addition to wanting to achieve good EUV results with 1γ and 1δ (1-delta), Micron also wants to use EUV to explore 3D DRAM architectures as well as adopt the use of High-NA EUV for DRAM production in the coming years.

While EUV lithography is the key to achieving smaller memory cells, it has yet to be revealed how its use will affect the performance of Micron’s DRAMs in the near future. More information is expected to be released in future announcements.

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