Credit cards are practically ubiquitous in our daily lives. Anyone with a clean credit record can get a credit card these days. The latest ones even allow you to make contactless payments. But have you ever thought about getting one? credit card with Bluetooth? Because the Samsung made this a reality in his homeland, South Korea. This card uses Bluetooth for tracking in case of loss.

Launched with American Express and in collaboration with KB Kookmin Card, part of the KB Financial group, it was named KB Kookmin SkyPass IoT Titanium Card. The “IoT” alludes to its Bluetooth LE (BLE) connectivity capability.

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App Compatible SmartThings Find from Samsung, the card allows you to locate devices such as cell phones and headphones from the brand. In a lost situation, the user can use the SmartThings Find app to identify the card’s last known position, in addition to accessing a location history for the last seven days.

Interestingly, the card can also find the user’s cell phone thanks to a discreet button that, when pressed, makes the phone emit sound. An additional function alerts the user if the card moves too far from the cell phone.

Yes, it needs energy. The KB Kookmin SkyPass IoT Titanium Card comes with a battery life of up to 30 days and inductive recharging. A small inconvenience for a credit card, right? Now some people in South Korea will also have to carry their credit card, in addition to their smartphone, tablet, notebook and any other gadget they have.

For now, only 1,000 units have been issued in South Korea, with no global launch expected by Samsung. However, with the prevalence of services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, the simplest way to avoid losing a card may be to use one of these digital methods.

So, would you use a credit card with Bluetooth?

Sources: SamMobile


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