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New research suggests that a shortage of DRAM memory may be imminent, given the focus of manufacturers such as Samsung and SK Hynix on the artificial intelligence market. With demand for HBM growing, they are expected to produce fewer volumes of the other types to meet the industry demand.

The analysis was published by MyDrivers, revealing that their utilization rate is already showing a drop to the lowest level in the entire market – mainly because most manufacturers are working directly with a large demand for high-bandwidth memories.

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Furthermore, a shortage of DRAM was already being seen due to the reduction in their production by large corporations. The intention was to balance the volume that remained in stock with the losses seen throughout 2023. The issue is that even the few that were in production could be impacted by this initiative.

It is important to remember that Micron is already debating this issue, indicating that artificial intelligence will directly impact the balance of memory production. Without a large supply, we will have less product availability and, consequently, higher prices being charged.

SK Hynix GDDR7
Disclosure/SK Hynix

The impact of the DRAM shortage

Considering that DRAM memories play an essential role in the mobile and PC markets, this shortage could soon become a reality.

And even though no manufacturer has commented on the increase in prices seen today, an analysis by Morgan Stanley already indicates that the price of goods should increase – as companies want to increase the percentage of sales costs by double digits (10% or more ) in the coming quarters.


Considering that the increase in demand for HBM and the reduction in manufacturing in DRAM memories can already be seen, the recommendation is that the consumer seeks a good promotion for the product they were waiting to buy – as waiting longer may mean that more money will be spent .


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