We reported yesterday (07) a case reported about a store specializing in video card repairs that discovered a model sold as a RTX 4090, but which actually used the GPU of a RTX 3080 Ti. And today we are going to look at another scam report, this time something more common, in the number of cases, storage units with a lower capacity than what is stated in the advertisement.

The case in question was recently reported by a user on Reddit with the nickname TALowKy. He claims that he bought a HD that supposedly had 2 TB of capacity from a Chinese store owner who used a website to make his sales, the marketplace business model.

Apparently, everything was as advertised, but the price followed that old maxim: too good to be true. He says the HD was 50% cheaper than other ads.

Always crack your HDDs when buying from a 3rd party
byu/TALowKY inpcmasterrace

He took a chance and failed. The unit only had 160 GB. He received a case with an old Hitachi HDD. A very old model from the brand, manufactured in June 2009. The 160 GB HDD uses the SATA 3 interface and was only 5400 RPM, a model often associated with use in notebooks, but which was also common in desktops, as a cheaper alternative to the 7200 RPM.

He says in the post that many people were scammed before the company was banned from the shopping site.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/homem-compra-hd-de-2-tb-mas-recebe-modelo-velho-de-apenas-160-gb.html

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