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Mini PCs have been growing in popularity as it becomes increasingly possible to offer satisfactory performance in smaller form factors. Linglong decided to innovate on the form factor to attract attention in the market, introducing a foldable keyboard that is a full PC with AMD Ryzen.

Linglong’s new mini keyboard PC measures just 15 x 10cm and weighs 800g. It can also be folded in half to fit into any backpack or large pocket. Despite its compact size, the device still incorporates a battery and a trackpad, so you don’t need to use a mouse. So all you need to use it is a screen.

Image shows mini PC unfolded as a keyboard.
Font: Linglong

Thinking about more futuristic solutions, the manufacturer suggests using its small laptop with AR or VR glasses. This would help with the portability of the entire setup. Speaking of which, check out the product specifications below:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 8840U
  • Memory: 16 or 32GB RAM
  • Storage: 512GB or 1TB SSD | M.2 NVMe 2230
  • Bateria: 600Wh (16.000mAh)
  • Connections: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth | One USB 3.0 Type-A port and two USB Type-C ports (4.0 and 3.2)
Image shows internal parts of the mini PC in the form of a keyboard.
Font: Linglong

The keyboard mini PC loses out in terms of specs to the Minisforum UM890 Pro, but in return it manages to be smaller. The manufacturer says the battery can last up to ten hours of light office work, or up to four hours of gaming and more intense use.

Price and availability of the folding keyboard mini PC

Linglong’s small computer is still in the testing phase. According to Tom’s Hardware, only 200 units will be distributed in the beta phase, only in China. In the meantime, the suggested price is 2,999 yuan (R$ 2,260) for the most affordable model and 3,599 yuan (R$ 2,717) for the most advanced version.

The manufacturer did not provide a launch window for stores in its home country. In other words, global availability is still further away. Now we just have to wait and see if the price will change if the product reaches stores for the general public.

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