Elon Musk is betting big on the future of Tesla. This future may not have electric cars as its protagonist, but humanoid robots, such as Optimuswhich the tycoon has already stated has the potential to increase his company’s market value to US$25 trillion.

Against everything and everyone

Musk doesn’t want this bright future he envisions for Tesla to be ruined by anyone, not even the equally wealthy Bill Gates.

“When Tesla fully solves the autonomy issue and has Optimus in volume production, anyone still holding a short position will be wiped out. Even Gates.” said the South African businessman in a post on his X account last Tuesday (2).

Elon Musk’s comment revives a certain disagreement with Gates that grew in 2022, when it emerged that the Microsoft co-founder had sold US$500 million worth of Tesla shares short. Gates made the move because he understood that the shares would depreciate and that he could profit from the sale.

In season, Musk said in a post on the network that was still called Twitter that Gates’ position was contrary to his public speeches, since he sells the image of fighting global warming, but bets against Tesla, which, in his view, is contributing to solving climate change. “I think I have some trust issues with him (Gates) too”said the Tesla owner.

Musk has also taken a swipe at Gates on the topic of artificial intelligence, stating that Microsoft co-founder’s knowledge on this topic is limited.

In search of alternatives

In addition to humanoid robots that could even be a “nanny of the future,” as Musk stated, Tesla is also investing in robot taxis, vehicles designed to be fully autonomous, which leave the factory without steering wheels or pedals. According to Elon Musk himselfTesla will reveal its robo-taxi on August 8th.

Movements that aim to increase the value of the brand’s shares. Only in 2024, Tesla has lost more than 25% of its market value.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/elon-musk-ameaca-aniquilar-bill-gates-entenda-o-por-que.html

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