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A survey by Kantar BrandZ on the most valuable brands today shows that AMD gained greater recognition, surpassing Intel. The company led by Lisa Su is among the 10 that grew the most in relation to the last survey. Overall, the owner of Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs is in 41st place.

The ranking, which shows the 100 most valuable companies in the world, considers market value and brand contribution to arrive at the value of that brand. The list is led by Apple, Google and Microsoft, which make up the top 3.

AMD manages to stay ahead of major technology companies such as Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Intel. Ranked 10th among the fastest-growing companies, the PC hardware giant saw growth of 53% over the last edition of the survey.

Most Valuable Brands/AMD
Image: Kantar BrandZ

NVIDIA grew the most in this edition

NVIDIA leads this top 10 with 178% growth. Overall, the company led by Jensen Huang ranks 6th, behind the three leaders mentioned above, as well as Amazon and McDonald’s.

Considering the top 10 companies that have increased in value the most over the past year, NVIDIA has grown the most by far (+178%), but it still wasn’t enough to enter the group that leads the list.

Speaking of the owner of GeForce GPUs, it was left out of another recent survey, which listed the 100 most important companies in the world. Its absence is due to other factors that this other survey considers important, such as the brand’s impact on a global level.

Most Valuable Brands/AMD
Image: Kantar BrandZ

Still among the PC hardware giants, Qualcomm appears just above AMD in 40th place. Even so, the Snapdragon X Elite company did not enter the top 10 that gained the most value, and its position remained, because it was already good before.

Among gaming companies, Tencent is the best positioned in 10th place. The Chinese company is the largest in the world in this sector, owning several other gaming studios. After it, comes Xbox in 54th place. These two are the only ones mentioned in this entertainment area.

As for AMD, it could have been much bigger than it is today if it had managed to buy one of its rivals, NVIDIA, years ago. That’s something that almost happened, according to a former employee on the red side.

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