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LG reported, this Friday (31), that the LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE monitor is the first in the world with VESA Display HDR 1.2 certification. For those looking for a model with the latest quality certifications, LG’s UltraGear is the first with the highest seal from VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association).

In recent months, VESA has detailed the specifications of VESA DisplayHDR 1.2. The LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE monitor is the first in the world to meet the new Display HDR 1.2 requirements. The LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE is a 45-inch rugged curved monitor with 3440Γ—1440 resolution (Ultrawide).

Out of curiosity, more than a thousand monitors have Display HDR 1.0 certification. Now, other brands will pursue certification and not be left behind. According to LG, the company is β€œdetermined to continue raising the bar for HDR experiences, breaking barriers and never settling for less than the bestβ€œ.

LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE now has VESA DisplayHDR 1.2 seal

Among the other specifications, the LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE screen offers 240Hz refresh rate and maximum peak brightness of 1000 nits. Monitor supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, NVIDIA G-SYnc and AdaptiveSync technologies.

Furthermore, the model also has DisplayHDR True Black 400 and VESA ClearMR 13000 certification. As we can see, LG’s UltraGear Ultrawide Curved monitor seeks to obtain the most important certifications in the electronics segment.

LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE

Among the new features of the VESA DisplayHDR 1.2 certificate, the association added new color accuracy test. Likewise, there are new static contrast patterns, with local dimming in DisplayHDR1000+. The new certification also analyzes black levels with greater precision, shadow accuracy testing, subtitle lighting testing in dark areas and also battery performance.

Although Samsung launches new Odyssey monitors in Brazil, the models will not feature VESA DisplayHDR 1.2 certification. Now that the LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE monitor has achieved the seal of excellence, other brands should strive for the same.

Not having VESA’s DisplayHDR 1.2 seal is also not a sign of low quality. After all, it takes some time for new models to reach the levels of accuracy required in testing. VESA also said it will continue working with DisplayHDR 1.1 until 2026 for notebooks. Therefore, notebook screens with the 1.2 seal should only begin to appear in the coming years.

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