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Colorful will present PCs based on Intel and GeForce RTX hardware at Computex 2024. The Chinese manufacturer gave a taste of what it will bring to the event, showing the pre-built PC systems from the Colorful iGame Vulcan line.

In the photos, Colorful highlighted two iGamer Vulcan models, one base black and the other white with the Ultra nomenclature. According to company information, the PC Features Z790D5 Vulcan motherboard and 7200 MT/S Vulcan RGB memory. Furthermore, the system has an all-in-one liquid cooling system and a 1000W power connector.

Colorful is expected to reveal all the information about the iGamer Vulcan PCs during Computex 2024, which takes place between the 4th and 7th of June in Taiwan

Colorful iGame Vulcan
CREDITS: Colorful

Despite highlighting that the Colorful iGame Vulcan line of PCs are based on Intel and GeForce RTX hardware, the company did not provide further details about the rest of the system’s specifications. During Computex 2024, which takes place between the 4th and 7th of June, Colorful must provide the rest of the information.

In addition to the Colorful iGame Vulcan PCs, the Chinese manufacturer will also have other news at Computex

In addition to the Colorful iGame Vulcan PCs, the Chinese company will also reveal other PCs from the iGame Mini line and MEOW systems. Likewise, the Colorful Neptune PC will also be at the event, as you see in the image below.

Colorful Computex
Neptune PC (Credits: Colorful)

The PC Neptune has a different look, very different from what we see on the Colorful iGamer Vulcan. With the Neptune we have a tight chassis with a Z790 Neptune motherboard, protected by a case.

As the PC is opened, you can see the cooling system and memory modules. For now, we don’t know any more details about the Colorful Neptune’s specifications. Likewise, the Chinese manufacturer has already detailed that it is working on a new generation of Vulcan motherboards, with support for new generation Intel Core processors.

Who knows, perhaps during the event Colorful will reveal the new Vulcan motherboards? With the Colorful iGame Vulcan and Npetune PCs, the Chinese manufacturer has a lot to show at what is one of the biggest technology events in the world. The Adrenaline team will cover the event directly from Taiwan, bringing the biggest news from Computex 2024.

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