A Kingston FURY recently revealed the Renegade DDR5 RGB Limited Editionone RAM memory that combines automotive style and exclusivity. This RAM memory module DDR5 It has a design reminiscent of racing cars. All to refer to the high transfer speeds that this memory is capable of achieving.

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Kristy Ernt, the company’s DRAM Business Manager, expressed excitement in a press release:

“We are excited to offer our customers a memory option that perfectly combines style and performance. Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 RGB Limited Edition features a striking design and utilizes the latest technology to achieve an impressive speed of 8000MT/s, maximizing overclocking potential and minimizing performance bottlenecks.”

Technical details of Kingston’s new RAM memory

The product promises high speeds and greater resistance. Its aerodynamic design and patterns are reminiscent of racing cars, complemented by a light bar with 12 LEDs and dynamic lighting effects.

Kingston’s latest memory module features a range of 18 RGB lighting effects, all of them adjustable using the FURY CTRL software. Thanks to Kingston FURY Infrared Sync Technologyit is possible to achieve harmonious and fluid synchronization between the modules, thus creating a visual spectacle within your setup.

Those interested will find these memories in kits that can reach the impressive mark of up to 48GB, distributed in two modules, each with 24GB of capacity. These high-performance modules operate at a speed of 8000 MT/s.

Memória Kingston FURY™ Renegade DDR5 RGB Limited Edition- Kingston  Technology

The new memories Renegade DDR5 RGB Limited Edition offer CL36 latency. Combined with a voltage of 1.45V, these memories deliver remarkable performance while remaining within energy safety standards.

Furthermore, these components were designed to withstand an operating temperature range ranging from 0 to 85ºC. This ensures that even under intense workloads and demanding environments, the modules will maintain their integrity and performance. The new Kingston FURY memories are expected to reach the Brazilian market very soon, promising to raise the quality and power of the systems to the next level.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/kingston-fury-renegade-ddr5-rgb.html

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