According to the local police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 34 units of the Cybertrucks, parked in a public parking lot, they appeared with graffiti on the doors and hoods. It is possible to read “Fuck Elon”.

There were cars from other manufacturers at the scene, but only the Tesla vehicle, which has Elon Musk as CEO, was vandalized. The police are investigating the cameras and interviewing witnesses to try to locate the author of the graffiti. Check out a video below that shows the graffitied vehicles.

In addition to the act itself, it is also curious that this location has 34 Cybertuck units.

Those who purchased the car must not be very happy with it. The car, which draws attention for its design, has already gone through two recall processes. The most recent one aims to fix irregularities in the windshield wiper or problems with a part in the trunk, which could come loose.

Among the problems found in the Cybertruck, the following points are commonly mentioned:

  • Hard plastic finish;
  • Rust on wheels and other parts;
  • Cutting burrs on stainless steel;
  • Restrictions in contract for resale;

This last point deserves to be highlighted. According to YouTuber Tyler Hoove, who purchased a Cybertruck, the Tesla contract prevents the pickup from being resold in the first year after purchase. In case of non-compliance, a fine of US$50,000. “Of all the stupid decisions I’ve made lately, it’s time to make a smart one and get rid of this thing. Dear Tesla, please, please don’t sue me.”joked Hoover in a video posted on your channel.

The YouTuber says that several things led him to want to get rid of the expensive car, but mainly due to the devaluation of the car since its launch, classified by the content creator as “catastrophic”.

Do you already have a Cybertruck in Brazil?

Yes, a Tesla pickup unit is already traveling in Brazil. The car was acquired by the funk player and raffle ticket seller known as Danielzinho Grau. The young man turned to importer Miami Imports to bring the car to Brazil, considering that the vehicle is not officially sold here. More than R$1.5 million was invested by Danielzinho to acquire and bring the car to Brazil.

The Federal Police are targeting the funk artist for criminal misdemeanor, as he sells raffle tickets illegally, without authorization from the Ministry of Finance.


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