Let’s do a gameplay with a R$2,000 PC Gamer. This is a challenging budget, but we will try to make the best of this low cost.

We put together a series of gaming computers in a recent article, looking to get as much performance as we can within each price point. But here we live with the consequences of our actions, so let’s face a game with each PC Gamer R$ 2,000!

PC Gamer R$ 2 mil (PC da Crise)

  • Processador: AMD Ryzen 5 4600G – (R$ 580)
  • Cooler: Cooler box – R$ 0
  • Motherboard: From B450 – (R$ 500)
  • Memória RAM: 2x 8GB DDR4 @3200MTs – (R$320)
  • Armazenamento: SSD NVMe 1TB Kingston NV2 – (R$ 380)
  • Fonte: 600W – (R$ 270)

Total price of R$ 2.050

With “little scorpion in your pocket”, the strategy is to resolve the video card and processor into a single component. We will play with the AMD Ryzen 5 4600G CPU, a low-cost chip with a good level of processor performance and an acceptable iGPU.

In the rest of the components we place sufficient amounts of RAM memory. Also an SSD to ensure fast storage for loading games and keeping the operating system responsive. And finally, a power supply that can even be used to install a video card in the future.

The result is gameplay that isn’t bad at all for a R$2,000 PC Gamer. In the video we will test several games that can be played on it, and some that didn’t work.

Diego Kerber (@kerberdiego) presents and plays, with Luiz Gabriel (@luiz_bladee) recording and editing and with Bruno Pires (@brunpiresd) producing the thumbnail.

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Source: https://www.adrenaline.com.br/videos/pc-gamer-de-r-2-000-atualizado-2024-da-pra-jogar-sem-placa-de-video/

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