According to estimates from the AppFiguresthe strategy of carrying weighty titles such as Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding e Assassin’s Creed Mirage to run on iOS, the system used in Apple mobile devices, were a sales failure.

Games like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, available for iPhone and iPad since June 6th, were below expectations, from a financial point of view. The Ubisoft title even managed to achieve a good number of downloads, more than 123 thousand users downloaded the game, but less than 3 thousand of them purchased the full version, which costs US$49.99 in the American market.

Among the reasons that help explain this, Appconcent’s head of content, Andrei Zubok, mentions that, in addition to high prices, ports are flawed by offering long experiences that are poorly adapted to something more dynamic, a characteristic that the public that spends money on mobile games is more accustomed to.

“Gamers who can afford high-end mobile devices and $50 for games will likely have the resources to enjoy gaming on PC and console as well. On the other hand, gamers who can’t afford high-performance gaming devices or phones are less likely to make a one-time $50 purchase, Zubok added.

There is also a technical impediment to enjoying the games. Only newer devices, such as the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPads from the M1 onwards, can handle the titles.

A flood of complaints

By looking at the reviews on the App Store. On the pages dedicated to games, the discontent of those who tested it is also clear. In the Brazilian App Store, Assassinys Creed Mirage, based on a set of 72 reviews, has an average rating of 3.5. Among the criticisms, mentions of bugs, increase in the device’s temperature, and also the price. “Salary value is also 119.00 for the complete game (this is because it is 50% full value of 238.00). If it ever reaches 50.00 I will review the purchase”says one user.

Resident Evil 4 is also being criticized, the game’s average rating is 3.4. According to the AppFigures survey, considering the American market, Resident Evil managed to generate more money. Around 7 thousand people have already spent money on it, considering its six months of availability.


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