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Nearly two years after announcing it would change laws requiring government agencies to use floppy disks and CD-ROMs as storage media, Japan has taken a major step in that direction. In late June, the local government announced that finally managed to “win the war” against these means thanks to the repeal of more than 1,000 old regulations.

The statement was made by the country’s Digital Minister, Taro Kono, who managed to repeal the rules linked to the use of old physical media on June 28. In total, 1,034 official regulations have ceased to apply, allowing important data to be stored using newer technologies.

Since taking office, Kono has been dedicated to modernizing Japan and eliminating much of the bureaucracy in local government. In addition to opposing the use of floppy disks and CD-ROMs, he has also stated that is willing to “dance on the grave” of fax machines and other solutions that belong to the past.

In addition to the fact that eliminating the requirement to use floppy disks and other media will give the Japanese government greater flexibility, it should also eliminate some supply issues. With companies like Sony moving away from the floppy disk market, for example, acquiring them has become a more complicated and expensive process.

Japanese government eliminates rules requiring the use of floppy disks
Photo: Disclosure/Michael Tampakakis/Pixabay

The reliance on old media also meant that it was necessary to keep many machines that were considered outdated by today’s standards active. While many current PCs don’t even have physical media drives, finding one that has a floppy disk drive is virtually impossible.

Despite the efforts of the local government, This does not mean that floppy disks and old CD-ROMs will disappear from the country in the near future.. Several systems used in areas such as aviation and medicine still depend on them, and the process of transitioning and adapting databases will still require a lot of effort and money to be completed.

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