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Pre-built gaming PC maker Origin PC announced its new Dark Cherry bundle this week. The package includes a customizable gaming PC, controller, keyboard, and mouse — all with an exclusive limited-edition look.

The computer is assembled in a Corsair 4000D Black case. Meanwhile, the mouse and keyboard are signed by the same manufacturer, models K65 Plus and M7, respectively. Both peripherals do not connect wirelessly. The Corsair MM300 mousepad is also included in the bundle.

Corsair keyboard and mouse from the Dark Cherry bundle
Fonte: Origin PC

The package also includes a SCUF Envision controller, designed for use on PC. The buttons can be remapped and it also works wirelessly. The analog sticks are located in parallel, which is not usually preferred by fans of the Xbox controller. It is compatible with Corsair iCUE software, which can simulate a keyboard.

Corsair case and SCUF controller from the Dark Cherry bundle.
Fonte: Origin PC

Returning to the focus on customizable PCs, there are several options for components. Check them out:

  • Processor: Up to an Intel Core i9-14900KS or AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super ou RTX 4090
  • Memory: Up to 96GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Various options for motherboards, cooling, storage and sources

The special edition Origin PC Dark Cherry bundle has been announced in the US for a not-so-inviting price. The price starts at US$2,199, which is roughly R$12,282 at the current exchange rate. On the other hand, including more advanced specs, the bundle easily exceeds US$6,700 (R$38,000).

Corsair targets casemod fans via Origin PC

Corsair’s partnership with Origin PC helps create more distinctive and unique versions of some of the brand’s cases. The audience that was once restricted to the amateur casemod market now has options from major manufacturers for more distinctive PCs.

However, while Corsair is looking to alternative colors, the folks at Cooler Master have already announced bolder variants. Adrenaline readers may remember the sneaker-shaped PC, as we reported at the end of last year. Shortly after, in January of this year, the same manufacturer promised that its shark-shaped computer will hit stores in 2024.

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