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Even without Intel’s presentation taking place at Computex 2024, their next event with major announcements has already received a date and location. The annual “Innovation” presentation will take place on September 24th and 25th, 2024 in San Jose, California (USA).

In the 2023 edition they released the roadmap for consumers and servers, providing more information about the Intel Core Ultra, the Xeon and Gaudi lines and also their GPUs. In 2024, many of these will hit the market, such as the Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, Xeon 6 and Gaudi 3 processors.

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Expectations are that Intel will use Innovation 2024 to bring more details and specifications about this hardware – or even release more precise dates for the launch of some of them. If this doesn’t happen within Computex 2024 next week, this will be a unique chance to see their plans.

Taking into account that the previous edition was responsible for making Meteor Lake CPUs available on the market, the same is also expected to happen with the Arrow Lake line for desktops. It’s worth noting that Lunar Lake chips could arrive later.

The Arrow Lake processors will arrive as Intel Core Ultra 200, just as the sixth generation of professional Xeon CPUs will be the Granite Rapids-SP. The Gaudi 3 AI accelerator should receive new information during Innovation 2024 – as the manufacturer expects it to bring in $500 million in revenue this fiscal year.

Intel Core Ultra 200 2024

Intel eyes AI PCs

It is also important to note that Intel continues to eye AI PCs, with Lunar Lake processors being produced to play an essential role within this new ecosystem. Qualcomm took the lead with Microsoft with the Snapdragon X Elite, so both it and AMD should not be left behind in this dispute.

The expectation is that the new processor will bring more than 100 TOPS – compared to the 45 to 50 TOPS that current NPUs present. This is a determining factor that Microsoft has observed to promote a notebook as an “AI PC” with AI Copilot Plus.


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