As our brother reported, GameVicioa Sony made it official God of War Ragnarök for PC. The game that made its debut in 2022 for the PlayStation will arrive on September 19th on the computer. This is the second title in the franchise to land on PC, the first was the GoW reboot. Check out the trailer below:

The company responsible for the PC port of the game is Jetpack Interactive, the same company that also took care of the computer version of the franchise reboot. The game, which is a direct sequel to the 2018 game, will have the following technical highlights in its PC version:

  • Support for ultrawide monitors;
  • 4K resolution;
  • Unlocked frame rate;
  • Image scaling and frame generation technologies: DLSS 3.7, FSR 3.1 and XeSS 1.2
  • Various graphic settings and presets;
  • Dual Sense controller support and other joysticks

Just like Ghost of Tsushimawhich arrived on PC on May 16th, God of War Ragnarök will support the latest version of FSR, 3.1, which adopts a new approach compared to previous versions.

In this new version, AMD promises an advanced algorithm for image upscaling and frame generation, relieving the hardware, allowing the player a better experience with hardware that could present performance limitations when running the game at a native resolution.

With FSR 3.1, it is also possible to combine AMD’s quad generation technology with another upscaler, such as the one used in NVIDIA’s DLSS.

New Game+ mode included

The PC version will receive all updates, including the God of War Ragnarök Valhalla DLC and the New Game+ mode, so that the player can start the campaign again, but with all their progress there, their items, skills, etc., and with more difficulty .

PSN account mandatory

God of War Ragnarök will require a PSN account to play. Which reinforces that this will probably be the standard in Sony games released on PC, even in a game that is offline, like GoW.


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