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Remember when we talked about NVIDIA accusing Intel Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs of causing instability, game crashes, and video memory errors? Even though weeks have passed, they are still moving, but internally they have linked the cases to “aggressive” motherboards.

Publicly, the corporation has already stated that it is aware of the problem and some motherboard manufacturers have released a BIOS update to try to fix the problem.


In Intel’s internal documents, however, the situation does not seem to be that simple and they literally accuse other manufacturers of causing these errors. A report from Igor’s Lab points out that they hold others responsible for crashes and errors that occur in their 13th and 14th Generation processors.

According to Pat Gelsinger’s corporation, the big problem is the configurations of the 600 and 700 line chipsets. Check out an excerpt from the report below:

Disable thermal and power supply protection, designed to limit processor exposure to long periods of high voltage and frequency


What Intel means is very clear: motherboard manufacturers are disabling features like Current Excursion Protection and Thermal Velocity Boost. And what is the reason for doing this? Achieving higher performance – which attracts a large part of consumers looking for the best value for money.

Intel intends to resolve, sooner or later

The Intel document that Igor’s Lab had access to indicates that they still cannot say which mechanism precisely caused the crashes and errors in the CPU – however, they intend to make a public and consumer-focused statement during the month of May.

It is important to note that in this fight, where NVIDIA plays for Intel and it – in turn – plays for motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and others (in addition to system integrators like Falcon Northwest), the situation ends Getting annoying is for the user – who just wants to use their PC without these problems occurring.


Considering that these same corporations recently released an update to the BIOS, it is possible that the problem actually lies in the configuration of the motherboards. However, an official statement must come and answer the biggest questions brought up by all the confusion.

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