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Have you ever heard an expression that said that today we have PCs in various forms and so modern that, soon, all we would need to do is prepare a coffee? Well, in the hands of two modders this became reality and you will be able to enjoy your machine much more awake than usual.

The people from the Nerdforge YouTube channel are behind the project, bringing a functional computer that has a machine that prepares and heats coffee inside its cabinet – especially for those who need a greater dose of energy when preparing to work, study and do your activities.

According to the people responsible for the channel, Martina and Hansi, this was one of the most difficult PCs they had ever worked on – taking the entire month of April to adapt everything so that it could work properly and prepare such good coffee.

An express PC, please

According to the modders, the biggest difficulty with the custom PC was the various considerations that were required for the plan to work – including a machine with a grain grinding and roasting system and the wood finish added to both the interior and exterior. of the cabinet.

As a base for the project, a Corsair 1000D was used – with the coffee machine serving as the main element of the PC and its components and appearance being left in the background during the first half of the work. They stripped the coffee maker down to its essentials and connected it to an Arduino.

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It is worth noting that the Arduino is extremely important here, as it is also connected to sensors that activate the coffee machine only when a cup is placed below – avoiding accidents that could occur with the computer.

In terms of specifications, the PC with a coffee machine is equipped with an Intel Core i7-14700K CPU and an NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti GPU – ensuring excellent use for gaming, video editing and other activities that will require a large workload from it.


Project problems

Although the PC that prepares your coffee is a great attraction for many who are reading this, it is important to mention several problems that can occur and that have been highlighted by the most diverse comments possible.

Mixing food and drink with computers doesn’t usually work out very well, but the logistics of having a coffee machine inside a cabinet bring a very unwanted enemy to technology users – humidity and heat. Of course, the fans and having its side open help with this, but it is still something to be rethought.

Another problem is dust inside PCs and don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about, how long has it been since you cleaned your case? Them flying through him is already a complicated case, but them flying through his coffee is not something I believe any health expert would recommend.

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