O Instagram is testing a new form of advertising, called “Ad Breaks”. This marks a new advertising strategy that has been the focus of the social network.

These ads, impossible to skip, interrupt users’ browsing experience, forcing them to watch advertisements for an interval of approximately 3 to 5 seconds before it is possible to return to the usual flow of content in the feed. Currently, Instagram ads blend into the content, whether in the feed, stories or reels. They are all perfectly ignorable.

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Goal is under pressure to increase Instagram revenue

A Meta, which manages the operations of both Facebook and Instagram, is largely financed by the advertising market. The ads served by companies tend to be incredibly targeted and effective, as they seem to deeply understand our personal preferences — this is, in fact, one of Meta’s great competitive advantages.

However, the conglomerate faces significant obstacles nowadays, including strict privacy regulations and the fierce competition represented by the dizzying rise of TikTok. Due to these factors, Meta is seeking to innovate through different alternatives to boost its revenue: from initiatives linked to electronic commerce directly on platforms to the introduction of subscription systems, now including the already hated Ad Breaks.

It’s no secret that Instagram has great expertise in integrating advertising into its content. The platform has already accustomed us to sponsored posts that blend almost imperceptibly with conventional posts from friends or public figures we follow.

These “light” ads are strategically designed to keep our attention on the platform without causing excessive discomfort. However, Ad Breaks appear to mark a drastic change in this dynamic. Far from being subtle, Ads Breaks are already provoking the ire of the “lucky ones” who are participating in the tests.

Instagram print on screen with ad pause

User reaction was not good at all

No X/Twitter, the reviews were quite scathing. Users like Rob Moses (@RobMoses) considered a migration to TikTok if Ad Breaks are actually launched. Others, like the @ithastobeyeyesaid that the need to wait for ads would result in a reduction in the time spent browsing Instagram.

As for Meta’s official communication regarding Ad Breaks, little was clarified, which naturally generated feelings of confusion and frustration among users of the social network. In discussion spaces like Reddit and Twitter, reactions are visible, with many expressing dissatisfaction and discontent.

For now, only a select few are being exposed to Ad Breaks. It appears that Meta is carefully monitoring user reactions to assess potential impacts on advertising performance metrics. The big question remains: Will the company maintain these mandatory breaks for all users or will it think again because of what the community says?

Although I haven’t seen Ad Breaks on Instagram yet, I completely understand those who already hate this type of advertising. Ads that we can’t skip really get in the way of online fun. I’ve been through this on Facebook and it was one of the reasons that made me use the social network less. The situation is the same on YouTube, which practically forced me to subscribe to YouTube Premium to get rid of the ads. If Instagram continues like this, maybe I’ll think about using social media less or even taking a break.

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Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-06/instagram-anuncios-impossiveis-de-pular.html

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