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Computex 2024 began in Taiwan with the biggest news in the segment. So far, NVIDIA has not announced hardware news, but has reported interesting updates to the NVIDIA App. The application now has an automatic overclocking function that does not void the warranty of GeForce cards.

The NVIDIA App has a new control center. With it, the user can activate an automatic overclocking function safely and without violating the company’s rules. According to NVIDIA, cards will not present problems when using the tool automatic overclock.

Furthermore, if the user finds any changes, simply contact the company and the GeForce card warranty will be secure. With the new NVIDIA App Control Center, you can also automatically scan – and choose – the best settings for desktop and mobile.

In addition to the secure guarantee on GeForce cards, NVIDIA App will also allow recordings in AV1 120 FPS

In addition to the automatic overclocking function that does not violate the warranty of GeForce cards, users can use the NVIDIA App and run recordings in AV1 format at 120 FPS. To demonstrate the new recording capability, NVIDIA presented a comparison of AV1 120 fps and H.264 120 FPS in Horizon Forbidden West.

For those who capture images and need to record high-quality videos, the new feature should be very pleasing. We remind you that the feature is available in the NVIDIA App internal Settings.

While NVIDIA brought the news from the NVIDIA App, AMD has already presented the Ryzen 9000 line with Zen5, detailing models such as Ryzen 5 9600X, Ryzen 7 9700X, Ryzen 9 9900X and Ryzen 9 9950X.

The automatic overclocking function without ending the GeForce warranty is something interesting in the app, but it will certainly not be the focus of Jensen Huang’s company at Computex. In the coming days, NVIDIA should bring more news about its products, without forgetting to talk mainly about Artificial Intelligence, such as the NVIDIA Ace tool.

During the next few days of Computex 2024, the world’s main hardware brands should continue to bring news to the public. The Adrena team is present at the event and we will bring you the main news from the technology industry directly from Taiwan.

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