In recent years, competition in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly intense. As a result, large companies have been seeking to improve their chatbots, as is the case with Google with Gemini.

These new features aim to bring a more robust and integrated experience to users. Therefore, Google has been busy expanding the capabilities of its chatbot to compete more effectively, especially with another big name in this segment, OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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Gemini has integrations with other applications

Recently, Google announced major investments in Gemini, its AI-powered chatbot. One of the key initiatives is the integration of other popular applications and services into Gemini, through what they call Gemini Extensions (formerly known as Bard Extensions).

This update allows Gemini to access and utilize information from a variety of services, providing users with more relevant and personalized results.

One of the latest extensions announced by Google is integration with YouTube Music. With this extension, Gemini users can find, play, and control music directly from YouTube Music, all within the chatbot interface. This integration promises a more fluid and convenient music experience for Gemini users.

Spotify could be next

icone do potify

But Google didn’t stop there. According to a detailed analysis of the Google app code v15.22.29.29.arm64, there are indications that Google is working on an extension to integrate Spotify with Gemini. This means that Gemini users will soon be able to access and enjoy Spotify’s vast music library, in addition to YouTube Music, directly through the chatbot.

This new feature is very interesting and has significant implications. Gemini users will have access to an even wider range of services and features, all within a single interface, making it easier to use. Additionally, Gemini’s ability to access information from different Google apps and services, such as Google Workspace and Google Maps, means users can get more useful and relevant answers and information than ever before.

While these new features represent an exciting step forward for Google and its Gemini chatbot, they also come with challenges. Integrating third-party services like Spotify requires complex technical coordination and can present compatibility hurdles. Additionally, Google will need to ensure that the user experience is consistent and glitch-free regardless of the service they are using through Gemini.

Now we can only wait until this integration becomes official to find out exactly how it can work.

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