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Palit and YouTube channel Der8auer presented the concept of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU with AIO Lynk+ design and a 7-inch display – commonly seen in tablets and similar devices, such as the Nintendo Switch OLED.

As shown in the video below, the modular AIO kit graphics card – with liquid cooling and improved fan speed – is just a conceptual design and will possibly never reach the market, at least not in this format.

However, the partnership between Palit and Lynk+ for this GeForce RTX 4090 model can be improved and used to launch future GPUs – both from NVIDIA and AMD and Intel. The idea is interesting to say the least, despite taking up even more space in your case than a common video card model.

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In terms of performance, Der8auer revealed that using the AIO’s fans and liquid cooling, the NVIDIA GPU reached a temperature of 60ºC during its activities.

Obviously we are seeing the use of displays on several different fronts, be it on coolers, motherboards, cases and even on the video cards themselves. However, it’s worth noting that Palit and Lynk+ were the first to demonstrate a 7-inch to present general information – with all models being considerably smaller.


Palit concepts and others at Computex 2024

This GeForce RTX 4090 GPU from Palit and Lynk+ is also being seen at Computex 2024, but as we stated above, it is part of a conceptual design and many are developed – whether just to demonstrate at similar events or to play with enthusiasts. and overclockers.

It is notable that this will not be the only “differentiated concept” that we will see within the event, with several others expected to emerge in the coming hours and days. At CES 2024 we also saw several innovative hardware – however, they have remained off the market until today because they were not adapted to the current format we see on the market.

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