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It is not always that an AI’s answers will be accurate. Therefore, it is always good to be suspicious when artificial intelligence suggests something like using Nutella instead of thermal paste. Even so, Alexander Köpf, editor of the GameStar portal, decided to test the efficiency of Nutella as a thermal conductor on the PC.

According to the publication, artificial intelligence suggested several bizarre things to replace thermal paste, including: Toothpaste (this one is famous), Vaseline, cheese and nutella. So Alex decided to test how Nutella would perform as a Thermal Paste.

Is Nutella a good thermal paste?

A short answer to this question is no, Nutella is not a good thermal paste. Detailing the work of the GameStar editor, he decided to test Nutella and compare the results with Kyonaut paste, from Thermal Grizzly, and also without anything in the processor.

The processor used was a Intel Core i913900K DDR5-6000 and thermal conductivity was tested with the PC idle and with the Game Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga. In general, Nutella even managed to keep the processor temperature lower when the PC was idle, but during gaming, the Nutella has liquefied and spread throughout the component.

  • Without anything: Idle PC – 66ºC – Hellblade 2 – 100ºC
  • Nutella: Idle PC – 42º – Hellblade 2 – 91º C
  • Cryonaut: PC Idle – 34ºC Hellblade 2 – 61ºC
Thermal Paste Nutella
Alex Köpf/GameStar

As you can see in the results above, while Kryonaut thermal paste kept the hardware temperature at 61º C in Hellblade 2, Nutella reached 91º C, almost the same as having nothing.

Nowadays we have thermal paste with the scent of flowers, another in violet or CryoFuze 5 in various colors, including yellow and red. It looks like Nutella won’t be a good thermal paste option.

If you want something different, it’s worth opting for a colored thermal paste, after all, you’ll be sure to have an efficient product. Overall, the experiment didn’t work, but it will serve as a tip if any AI tries to recommend something bizarre like pasta.

Although the test is a clear joke, it also shows us how AIs cannot be taken seriously and end up reproducing a lot of wrong information. It remains to be seen if he will now test cheese instead of Nutella, the end result will certainly be much worse.

Source: GameStar

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