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Microsoft announced this Sunday the launch of the Xbox Series X Digital. The new version of the console will be available in stores in 2024, but an official date for the product has not been confirmed.

There will be two versions: one with 1 TB of storage and another, in a special edition, with 2 TB. All other hardware and software specifications remain the same, which indicates that this is not a “pro” version of the console.

New Xbox versions

Xbox Series X Digital price

The new model arrives in stores in white (“robot white”, to be precise) with 1 TB of internal storage space. The version with 2 TB of internal storage capacity is black (“galaxy black”). The latter holds the drive for reading CD/DVD/Blu-ray and playing games on physical media.

In addition to them, the Xbox Series S also gained a new version, with 1 TB of storage and in white.

Regarding prices, Microsoft only reported prices in the United States:

  • Xbox Series X Especial 2 TB – US$ 599,99
  • Xbox Series X Digital 1 TB – US$ 449,99
  • Xbox Series S Digital 1 TB – US$ 349,99

Microsoft did not confirm a release date, but reported that the consoles will hit stores “in 2024”, in time for the end of year festivities. The suggestion, of course, is that the console is one of the most popular gift options at Christmas.

The company was not informed whether the simpler versions of the consoles – the 512 GB Xbox Series S and the 1 TB Xbox Series X with a disc reader, will continue to be sold or whether the new models will gradually replace the current ones. There is also no information yet on the release date and prices in Brazil.

Successful presentation at Xbox Showcase 2024

The new console was just one of the many new features that Microsoft presented this Sunday afternoon (9) at Xbox Showcase 2024.

In a conference lasting just over an hour, highly praised by the public, the company showed games such as Doom: The Dark Ages, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, Fable, Gears of War: E-Day, South of Midnight, Perfect Dark and Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

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