The profiles that promote the infamous “Tiger Game“Have you already invaded your Instagram? Around here they are annoying you! These profiles are actually accounts that supposedly offer tips for making easy profits through a shady online casino platform. Its purpose is clear: spread spam on social media. Instagram recognizes that this practice “compromises the experience” of users.

In addition to the inconvenience caused by notifications, Jogo do Tigrinho can result in financial losses. A Paraíba lost R$30 thousand after betting heavily on Fortune Tiger, the real name of the game. And we know that many people are easily fooled by the promise of quick and easy money.

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Meta, in a press release, said it seeks to restrict spam on Instagram and Facebook, as it does not accept misleading content. The company claims to be active in preventing abuse on platforms for improper commercial purposes. However, it did not detail strategies against the spread of Jogo do Tigrinho through profiles with random names and avatars of the characteristic tiger.

Meta suggests that users report suspicious profiles. To do this, tap the three-dot icon → choose “Report” → follow the instructions. Instagram creators also recommend removing and blocking these profiles. Users have reported up to five new “feline” followers daily, making manual removal impractical, but that is Meta’s guidance.

How to avoid new requests from Jogo do Tigrinho?

To block new profile requests promoting Jogo do Tigrinho on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Instagram settings.
  2. Go to “Hidden words” and select “Continue” (if necessary).
  3. Choose “Manage custom words and phrases”.
  4. Add the terms “tiger”, “fortune” and “game” (if necessary).
  5. Return to the previous screen and activate “Hide contact requests”.

Thus, contacts with the defined terms will be automatically filtered.

After all, is the Tiger Game illegal?

Known as the Little Tiger Game, the Fortune Tiger is an online casino that promises profits from betting. Signing up is free but requires real money to play. There are several counterfeit versions trying to imitate the original game.

And yes, the Tigrinho’s game is illegal according to the Criminal Offenses Law (Decree-Law 3,688/1941), as well as other games of chance. Article 50 prohibits games based largely on luck. Penalties range from simple imprisonment (3 months to 2 years) and fines to more severe sanctions, such as closing sites and canceling licenses.


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