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Corsair announced that it has acquired racing simulation specialist Endor AG – owners of the famous global brand Fanatec. The company has a debt of approximately 70 million euros, with the promise of being restructured by the hardware manufacturer and will result in the purchase of the simulator company.

Corsair CEO, Andy Paul, reinforces that the purchase will help the brand to regain its footing in the market and will represent an evolution for both companies.

Fanatec is an incredible brand with a strong community, we believe Corsair is the ideal home for consumers, employees and business partners. This transaction will resolve the company’s significant debt and its growth position and continued expansion of the product portfolio

Andy Paul

Corsair Dominator Platinum

The purchase of Corsair from Endor – owner of Fanatec – is also appreciated by the company’s CEO – Andres Ruff. He believes that improvements will not take long to appear and that they will be counting on the manufacturer to boost business.

We are happy to find a strategic investor in Corsair who knows our market well and is willing to invest for the long term

Andres Ruff

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Corsair and Fanatec, together at last

Corsair and Fanatec are two brands that need no introduction for those who follow the accessories and peripherals scene. While the first specializes in producing products aimed at the gaming scene – such as chairs, memories, power supplies, headsets, mice, etc. – the second focuses on the public who loves racing.

In this aspect, Endor stands out as the owner of the brand – manufacturing various hardware for racing simulation, including steering wheels with force feedback, pedals and complete cockpits for various platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox and PC.


Corsair’s investment in Fanatec demonstrates a new initiative within the corporation, showing interest in expanding its business in the simulation segment – ​​reinforcing its position in the industry and showing that it continues to expand towards market leadership.

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