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In Apple’s announcement about its M4 chips, it was revealed that its next generation of processors would be 50% faster than the M2 in the benchmark – raising doubts regarding its potential compared to the M3, which remains its main flagship at the moment.

Well, the iPad Pro was analyzed by Geekbench V6 and brought its benchmark so that users can see a comparison between the potential of the next generation and the one currently being sold by Apple.

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The benchmark results for the M4 chip are very promising and positive, achieving results of 3,767 points in single-core tests and 14,677 points in multi-core tests. Compared to the M3 results, it presents a 22% higher speed in single-core and 25% in multi-core benchmarks. Check out the comparisons in the table below:

M3 M4 Improvements
Single-Core 3,087 points 3,767 points 22%
Multi-Core 11,702 points 14,677 points 25%

Obviously, these benchmark results from the Apple M4 only show its potential when using the new iPad Pro – which may present major differences from what we will see on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air equipped with the new processors.

Still, it’s an excellent way to visualize the potential of the new chips – produced using TSMC’s 3 nm process. It is important to mention that these will be the first manufactured by the corporation with artificial intelligence in mind and with improved CPU performance, the new focus that Apple will work on from now on.

Apple M3 Max

The arrival of the Apple M4

Another important aspect to be highlighted is that Apple announced the M4 chips with their benchmarks this week, revealing that they will be equipped in their new iPad Pro – however, the official launch date of these devices was not announced, although we know that they will hit the market in 2024.

The M4 are made up of 4 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores, both intended for greater speed of action for machine learning – essential for the use of artificial intelligence and its use in future hardware.

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